A Limmerick

There once was a man from Des Moines,
Who kept a glass jar full of coins.
When the Ides did arrive,
His pulse gave a rise,
As it did when presented pork loins.

For on March seventeenth,
There’s stew made of beef,
For Guinness aplenty,
Just five hundred pennies,
Celebratin’ the four-petalled leaf.

At half past eleven,
You’ll think you’re in heaven.
A sea of green clothing,
We’ll England be loathing.
It’s not just the bread t’will be leavened.

Join me at Biddy’s
At Glisan and sixty.
By bus or by car,
It’s not very far.
It’s guaranteed you’ll leave giddy.

If it’s breakfast you crave,
A seat I can save.
I’m eating at Zells
(not that shitty old Kell’s)
Nine-thirty, with your old pal Dave.

A good time I can promise,
In fact, I insist.
We’ll toast Gerry Adams
And Ireland’s madams.
You’re sure to leave pretty pissed.

A Proposal to Determine Differences in Available Varietals of Guinness and Contain 5 Gallons of Homebrew.

Guinness for Strength

or, Sunday Stouty Sunday. 3PM, Dave’s place.

Let’s get together, bottle some stout, and taste test various varieties of Guinness. Currently, Guinness is available as “Guinness Draught” in bottles, and 20 oz. cans, as well as “Guinness Extra Stout” in bottles (5% ABV). For comparison’s sake, bring a bottle of another kind of stout. I’ll provide the Guinness and the wee glasses.

I also propose a bottling session for BS Brewing’s newest stout (with notes of cinnamon and brown sugar). Name is up for grabs … please suggest names!

Guinness Fun facts:

    • The bottled “Draught” is designed to eliminate the need for a glass; the widget reactivates with every tipple.
    • Canned “Draught” has been widgetized since the 1980s, but is meant to be poured in a glass
    • Contrary to popular myth, Guinness suggests a drinking temperature for its packaged goods of 38.3°F
    • On tap Guinness should be served at 42.8°F
    • According to Guinness, it takes 119.5 seconds to pour the perfect pint.
    • Guinness on tap in America comes from the main brewery in Dublin