Bacon Week: Bacon Mints

Of all the bacon products I have received for review this week, Uncle Oinker’s Bacon Mints are the one I have been most dreading. Reviews online are pretty universally negative: ” … One of the worst tasting candies/mints I have ever had …” and, “Surprisingly, these mints smell worse than they actually taste” are pretty … Continue reading Bacon Week: Bacon Mints

Bacon Week: Chocolate-Covered Bacon

On an bacon-related errand after work today, I found myself near Belmont Station, Portland’s Beer Mecca. There amidst the Allagash tasting and gaudily-colored Coney Island Brau, I saw a shining light: Wade, barkeep and budding chocolatier, had created true ambrosia: bacon-covered chocolate: I first encountered this Simpsons-inspired concoction in Andrew’s backyard. It was Icharus’ wings … Continue reading Bacon Week: Chocolate-Covered Bacon