FirkinFest #3

A little of the way through Rock Bottom’s Maltnomah Porter. It’s a very nice, sweetly smooth porter. No hops to speak of, but not treacly sweet either.

Also dove into the cheese from Steve’s Cheese. Delicious. All raw milk cheese, including a goat cheese from Pholia Farms, which the girls from FU Cheese visited last week.

True story: Pholia Farms is off the grid. They get all their power from solar panels, and they have a mini-turbine powered by a creek. I’ll post a link to the FU Cheese write-up later.

FirkinFest #2

Sticking with the Brewers Union, specifically “North Fork.” Yum. Like a bitter from jolly ol’ England.

Laura, however, jumped headlong into the hops pool with the HUB 150. She sipped and said, “I may have to spend my next six tickets on this.”

Be sure to check out this excellent opinion piece from the Brewer’s Union Blog about the over the top beers of the Northwest.

I don’t particularly agree — I think there’s room on the beer bandwagon for mild bitters and raging barleywines — but I’m thrilled that there’s someone out there acting as a counter to the big beer trend going on. And it was outstanding to have the owner there pouring with his own set up!

FirkinFest #1

Brewers Union Local 180 "That Dark Beer"
Brewers Union Local 180 “That Dark Beer” is my first beer of FirkinFest. Malty coffeeness and amazing. A molasses stout. Steve from Steve’s Cheese said that’s where he’d start. And that recommendation is good enough for me.

By the way, it’s awesome to see Steve at these beer events. We also saw him at Saraveza for a beer and cheese pairing evening that the girls at FU Cheese wrote up.

Doors aren’t even officially open, and I can already tell it’s gonna get a little crowded.