Getting Started at OBF….. the Buzz Tent


The Oregon Brew Fest kicked off this morning and runs through the weekend (as if you didn’t know.)

Standing by the Buzz Tent I’ve heard a lot of “What is the buzz tent?” So here you go.

The Buzz Tent features an assortment of beer outside of the standard taps at OBF. The beers are generally a little more unique, smaller batch offerings such as the Quad belgian from Deschutes, the barleywine from Maui Brewing and the Pinot barrel aged strong ale from Oakshire.

Of course these beers don’t come cheap, they are 2 tokens instead of 1 for a taste. Nevertheless, given the unique selection offered at the Buzz Tent, I recommend you at least sample a few from here.

FirkinFest #7 and 8

Lucky Labrador‘s Super Dog IPA was a bitter delicious hop bomb. Cascade hops, would be my guess but I’m getting drunk and prone to guessing.

And I managed to get some of the last HUB 150. Outstanding. A lady next to us said she didn’t like floral hop characteristics of the HUB 150. Which, to me, is like saying you don’t like America. Anyway, it’s a floral, citrusy hop syrup. Drink with abandon!

And I just found another ticket. Not sure what I’ll try next. I’ve heard good thing about the Rogue Ales Mogul strong ale. We’ll see…

FirkinFest #5

Onto our fifth beer, the Roots Nevermind Pale Ale. Laura says it tastes like bug juice (in a good way) and Andrew says he’s annihilated his taste buds so can’t comment.

I think Roots Nevermind has a nice bitterness for only 35 IBU. I actually wonder if that’s a typo because it seems to have more bitterness than that.

Anyhoo. Wondering what to do with the last food ticket: cheese or sausage? Thoughts? Tweet us: @bsbrewing.