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And I’m Done

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So, it’s ….. awwww fuck it.

I got Pabst Blue Ribbon on my mind

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Anyways, drink of choice for Breakside to Horse Brass. Kennedy School is apparently off the agenda.


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I am ready to move on but, hey, that BLT beer from Ezra was pretty damn drinkable. I would have had another but we moved on… here’s the bus interior.

And, I’m now onto Pabst 12 ouncers….


Hello breakside

This was written by on February 10, 2012


Good god, am I the only guy who can’t keep Breakside and Burnside seperate? Anyways, the BLT gose was very tasty, a little tinge of salt to a nice, balanced beer.

Beer review over.

We also drank several pints of other delicious beer and a lamb burger…WHICH WAS FANTASTIC.

And, for the record, we werev the fist beer blog in Portland.