About Us

Born in the heartland of American craft brewing, Portland, OR-based BS Brewing has been making quality craft beers for friends and brewing aficionados since 2005.

The brewery was founded by Ringleader Dave Selden out of his love of beer and his desire to push the envelope in developing creative and flavorful beers. Mostly to get access to free beer and meet hot chicks, beer-loving hangers-on and cheapskates have joined the BS Brewing team and contributed to the brewery’s rising popularity. Assistants to the Ringleader and Ringleaders in Training now include Nate Currie, Andrew Hay, Bruce Kehe, Dave McClelland and Thom Schoenborn. The tireless Jasper Selden is responsible for all quality control at the brewery.

Driven to produce beers beyond the ordinary and explore new flavors, BS Brewing has developed notable brews including Beelzebub’s Spew, an Imperial IPA brewed on the devilish 6/6/06 as well as a joint venture brew with SchoenBrau using the spring-fed waters of the Metolius River for the beer as well as for cooling.

The company’s colorful name and brew titles are just one of many lively stories Dave and the crew have to share. Stop by sometime and enjoy some of their fine craft beers and find out more.

BS Brewing
Portland, OR

Pour a little out.