Hello breakside


Good god, am I the only guy who can’t keep Breakside and Burnside seperate? Anyways, the BLT gose was very tasty, a little tinge of salt to a nice, balanced beer.

Beer review over.

We also drank several pints of other delicious beer and a lamb burger…WHICH WAS FANTASTIC.

And, for the record, we werev the fist beer blog in Portland.

3 Responses to “Hello breakside”

  1. Andy Says:

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    Not to be argumentative, but your archives only go back to 2006. Mine go back to 2002, and that corresponds to a move from greymatter to moveable type.

  2. Dave Selden Says:

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    Ha! No, we were totally trying to provoke a pointless internet argument. The targets were Ezra and Jeff, but you win. Taking the moral high ground, no less. Congratulations on your 10th year!

  3. Scott Rogers Says:

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    I never mistake Breakside, but every time I hear “Burnside Brewing Company,” my mind runs up and down Burnside before I remember which one it is.

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