Is this thing on?

Yeah, yeah, another “I just realized I haven’t posted to this blog in a long time …” post. Thinking about firing BS Brewing back up again, though. It might be a “one night only” thing, since Bruce and I are joining Ezra on what is sure to be a story-filled beer bus adventure in a few weeks, or maybe not.

Anyway, is anyone out there still reading us?

5 thoughts on “Is this thing on?”

  1. Hey, I’ve still got you guys on my google reader too though I’m not as good as I should be about keeping up with it. Anyone interested in some enviro talk and a little beer talk can follow me at @skiskillz

  2. @Zac – Did you say Google Reader? It’s on my feed still too, but I had to switch to Feedly a few years back. Also, it’s slow right now so I have time to check it.

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