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Hopworks Urban Brewery is looking for 10 intrepid volunteers to venture into the HUB hop field and help them pick their first estate-grown organic hops. In addition to telling your friends and family that you picked the first hops on the Urban Hacienda, they’ll happily hook you up with pizza and beer for your efforts.

Within 24 hours of harvest, the organic Cascade and Willamette hops will be added to the inaugural beer made on the brewery’s new nano-brew system. The fresh hop ale will debut at the Oct. 19 HUB Mug Club meeting and later be on tap in the brew pub.

The harvest will be Tuesday, Sept. 28 from 4 – 6 p.m. The volunteer crew will be the first 10 responses to email “Hop Harvest” to volunteer@HopworksBeer.com.HOPWORKS-LOGO-PDX-[1]

4 Responses to “HOPWORKS Needs You!”

  1. Nate Munson Says:

    Visit Nate Munson

    I’d like to volunteer but I believe the address for the reply is incorrect…

  2. Mag McDowell Says:

    Visit Mag McDowell

    Second that. My wife and I have been trying to e-mail the address. No luck.

  3. Bruce Says:

    Visit Bruce

    volunteer@hopworksbeer.com is now working.

  4. Anna Says:

    Visit Anna

    I guess I might of missed the date to volunteer for this but I would like another opportunity when it is available again. Thanks


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