7 thoughts on “Table Beer”

  1. Tasty beer. The brewmaster Greg Hall describes it better than I can, and he’s accurate. I don’t know if I’d really call Pere Jacque the port of beers, but I suppose it points in the direction of port. Nevertheless, it’s tasty.

    For the table beers, all that fancy brewing leads to fancy prices. There’s a lot more labor involved when you brew, bloom, combine, bloom, bottle, and bloom than when you just brew and bottle. I’ve been drinking the $3.50 canned six packs from Trader Joe’s lately, so it’s hard to beat that, price-wise. Should I take an alternate approach and convince myself that buying fancy beer is cheaper than buying fancy wine?

  2. Goose Island makes AMAZING beers. Would love to be able to clone any of their beers.

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