Beer To-Go at PDX

Ahh, the good old days. I remember lugging cases of Oregon beer back to the midwest with me every time I went back on United. I carried homebrew for Christmas gifts, and some of my favorite 22-ouncers to share with friends and family.

Then the TSA was born, someone tried to blow up a shoe or something, and now you can’t bring more than 3 ounces of liquid on a plane. And despite Rogue’s new smaller bottles, they still aren’t small enough to fit in a 1-quart plastic bag.

So I was stoked to see that someone at the Made in Oregon store finally took the initiative and started stocking some of our fine malt beverages next to the fermented grape juice. True, there’s a lot more wine for sale than beer, but there is now a fair selection to choose from.


Rogue is best represented (although the growlers of Dead Guy seem as if they might have been on the shelf awhile), but there are a few bottles from Hair of the Dog, Southern Oregon Brewing, Ninkasi, and some random choices from Bridgeport (Blue Heron? WTF?), Deschutes (Black Butte and Mirror Pond) and perhaps most randomly, MacTarnahan’s Haywire.

2 thoughts on “Beer To-Go at PDX”

  1. I have visited this shop at PDX a couple of times. The only thing of use is the Hair of the Dog and Ninkasi bottles. The Rogue and Deschutes products are available pretty wide and far. The rest I wouldn’t waste the carry on space. Laurelwood had only the Freerange Red in bottles last time I flew out of the airport. I wish they would carry a bigger selection.

  2. I do recall spending almost $2/12oz bottle to bring some Hair of the Dog back to Phoenix from the Made in Oregon store on the ‘clean’ side of security. It was definitely worth it!

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