Bacon Week 2: Bacon Soap

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I thought I would smell like bacon.

I’ve been using Bacon Soap for a week, and really, I smell a bit savory, but I don’t smell anything like bacon. No more than any other person that’s been cooking pounds and pounds of bacon in a short period of time, anyway. Not smoky, not salty, not … bacony.

It does smell a little bacony when you use it, though. Actually, it smells a little like other fake bacon products do when you use it. Having sampled a wide variety of bacon-inspired products in a short period of time, I am now highly attuned to that unique blend of industrial dyes and spices that some companies use to mimic the smell of my favorite salty meat. Bacon soap smells like bacon gumballs. Bacon soap smells like bacon mints. Bacon soap smells like bacon air freshener. Bacon soap smells like trying too hard. And it kind of stings my eyes.


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  1. Stephanie Says:

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    Now, have you tried Vosge’s Beer Chocolate called Mo’s Bar? (
    I’m so intrigued. A website called sells the bacon soap you bought (as well as bacon bandaids, bacon floss, bacon jellybeans, and best of all, a bacon wallet ( They sell Mo’s bar but they’re out of stock right now. I’ll let y’all know when I try it. You should do the same!

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