In Czarist Russia, the Beer Drinks You

With the lure of free schwag from the bridgeportbrew Twitter feed, I’ve worked my way over to the Pearl to Bridgeport’s Hop Czar release party.

When I walked in I came face to face with Russian folk dancers, which was kind of funny and odd, but I get it. Upstairs they have tasters in small plastic cups that don’t do the beer any favors.

I’m not much of a beer reviewer, so here’s the quick rundown on the Hop Czar. The aroma is a little alcoholic underneath a nice floral hop, the color reminds me of slightly weathered copper. But seriously, who really cares, how’s it taste?

Overall, I like it, it’s a nicely made beer. Good malt backbone really stands up to the intense hopping creating a nicely balanced IPA that hides its 100 IBUs and 8% ABV in a very drinkable beer. Definitely not one of those hop bombs that blows out your taste buds…. in fact, as I’ve worked through the first pint writing this, I’m going to order another.

This may be my favorite in Bridgeport’s Big Brew’s series, was Raven Mad in that Big Brew series?

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