Hey, is this thing on?

BS Brewing's Twitter Page

I’ll try to keep the nerd talk to a minimum here, but suffice to say that we made some software upgrades to the blog last night, and everything appears to be functioning normally (let us know if you see anything wonky).

In fact, we added some new features to the site thanks to the upgrade, namely a glimpse into our brand spanking new Twitter feed! Check the sidebar out to see our three most recent tweets, or just follow us. You know you want to. You’re … twitter curioius.

Some other beer bloggers/organizations are also tweeting now:

  1. Bailey’s Taproom
  2. The Green Dragon (I guess that employee stayed for the Rogue era)
  3. Lisa Morrison, aka The Beer Goddess
  4. Brookston Beer Bulletin
  5. Siobhan at Imbibe Magazine
  6. Oregon Brewer’s Guild

Let us know if you know any other tweeters we should add … did I just say “tweeters?” Ouch.

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