A Petition for the Green Dragon

As has been reported by other blogs in town (see here and here), it looks like BS Brewing favorite the Green Dragon is about to be purchased by Rogue.

I don’t have a particular beef against Rogue, I drink their beer, but there’s a reason I haven’t been to the Public House in Portland for years. The food is pretty spendy for the average quality and the beer list certainly lacks diversity. So, like good beer drinking activists, we’re taking it to the Web. BS Brewing developed a simple petition for Rogue should this sale go through. Here’s the petition:

Rogue’s buying the Green Dragon. Our demands are very simple. We want them to agree to:

1. Not put their crappy food on the menu.
2. Maintain the EXCELLENT tap list, and not just fill the keg cooler with sub-par Rogue brews.
3. Keep the amazingly knowledgeable wait staff.

So, how can YOU join the movement that’s sweeping across Portland? Simple, join us on Facebook or leave a comment here. We’ll be sure to forward everything to Rogue.

Green Dragon

7 thoughts on “A Petition for the Green Dragon”

  1. This petition is a waste of time!

    Rogue is a major Corporation and will laugh at your requests, right before they hit delete on their email!

    It’s a corporation, not a democracy. That’s just the way it is.

  2. Sorry for the moderation, The Champagne of Blogs receives its fair share of comment spam and this is a good way to control it from ever offending our readers’ eyes. As you can see dooypudwanger, we welcome all legit comments, even ones that cede their voice to corporations.

  3. Thanks Bruce.

    Just the facts without delusions. I don’t think cutting through the muck should offend anyone.

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