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Editor’s Note: I got off to a bit of a slow start this morning with my bacon week plans … turns out my breakfast joint of choice is closed for the next 3 days for cleaning. As Thom says, “kinda makes you wonder how dirty it is if it takes three days to clean it.” Indeed. Thankfully, they have a second location on the east side of Portland, so I’ll hit it up tomorrow. First bacon opportunity of the day, then … lunch.

Several months ago, a friend sent me a link that I thought must be nonsense: An entire web site devoted to the sale of a mythical-sounding product in three flavors: original, peppered and hickory. Knowing what a crazy internet meme bacon has become (more on that later), I assumed it must be some kind of hoax. But, the little smoked piggy on my shoulder won out, and before I knew it, I was requesting some product to sample. A week later, I was the proud owner of 7.5 ounces of Bacon Salt. I’ll be trying it out all week, doing a little “before and after” with some of my favorite foods.

I work downtown, and typically avail myself of cart food whenever possible. It’s cheap, fast, and you can eat your way around the world, with offerings from Japan, Thailand, Yugoslavia, Mexico, Greece … It’s the United Nations of Food. There used to be a Russian cart nearby that used bacon as a condiment. Unfortunately, (and this is bacon fail number two, if you’re playing from home) it’s closed and gone the way of dodo bacon (mmm, extinct bacon). There is a replacement Russian cart, though, and one with deliciously bland dumplings. That is, until you add … Bacon Salt.

Dumplings Before Bacon Salt

Before Bacon Salt: doughy, meat-filled pasta with sour cream and green onions. Hot and slimy delicious, in an inoffensive way.

After Bacon Salt (Original Flavor): Mmm, bacony. Russian food needs bacon like Putin needs vodka. The smoky, savoriness really rounds out the dumplings, and the salt’s bite brings out the contrast of the sweet, fresh-tasting scallions.

Verdict: Russian dumplings are much improved with Bacon Salt.

Stay tuned for more Bacon Salt tests as the week cures … er … develops …

4 thoughts on “Bacon Week: Russian Dumplings + Bacon Salt”

  1. In a moment of happiness after drinking one too many beers recently, I too ordered the sampler of Bacon Salt. I haven’t given it too many challenges, but it works pretty well where ever salt can be used.

  2. :o

    It wasn’t Taste of Poland that closed, was it? I’m not sure what set of carts you go to, but ToP was open on 5th and Stark as recently as a few weeks ago. That place was/is awesome.

  3. @ Beerinator!

    BaconSalt goes many places that salt DOESN’T!

    And for Bacon-Lovers in UK and EUROPE, it’s now available over here from No more paying as much for shipping as we did for BaconSalt and waiting 2 weeks for delivery!

  4. Just as an update here; crazy4flavour has now added Cheddar and Applewood-smoke flavours to the range sold from UK (to anywhere in Europe)

    The new flavours are great – I love the Applewood :)

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