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I am a popcorn freak. I have been regularly consuming popcorn since I was a wee pup. Hell, popcorn basically got me through art school. I’m growing some in my backyard. That’s how much I love popcorn. So I was stoked when I heard that bacon salt supposedly paired well with popcorn*. In actual fact, saying popcorn goes well with bacon salt is like saying orange juice goes well with toothpaste. Bacon salt added to popcorn basically makes popcorn taste like BBQ Lays potato chips. I am not happy with this pairing. Please do not do this.

Before Bacon Salt: popcorn taste. Oily, a bit nutty. Needs salt.

After Bacon Salt (Original Flavor): Tastes like BBQ Lay’s Potato chips, and not in a good way. Needs salt.

* It should perhaps be noted that I am a bit of a purist with my popcorn prep. I eschew the microwave (upstart technology) and go with a oiled pan on the stove, and add salt. It’s really the only way.

3 thoughts on “Bacon Week: Popcorn + Bacon Salt”

  1. In high school my friend planted a jar of Orville-Redenbocker in their garden (they lived on a farm). Come harvest after the corn had dried on the cob and been taken off, we had about 40 gal of unpopped popcorn. That’s a good yield from a 1 qt jar. However, none of the yield germinated the next year. Probably something due to the hybridization of the corn. We decided to do this purely based on the fact that the jar had a specific warning about NOT planting.

  2. I’ve really enjoyed Bacon Week and I’ve got a pocorn suggestion for you. My dad occasionally pops corn using bacon grease instead of cooking oil. Give it a shot.

  3. This will probably not surprise you, Brian, but I have been there and done that, but I didn’t think to include it this week. Have you ever seen or heard of the movie/book called “Alone in the Wilderness?” It’s a true story about a man named Dick Proenneke who goes to live by himself in remote Alaska. That’s how Dick makes popcorn in the book, and I tried it his way after reading it. It was ok, but honestly, I couldn’t taste that much bacon, and it was a little too greasy for my tastes.

    More here:

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