Bacon Week: Late-Night Edition

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I have a huge amount of bacon-related materials to share this week, and I hope I’ll get to share all of the best items before the week is out. That or we’ll have to make this an annual festival … But here’s one I’ve got to get out there … after hours. One that you might not want to check out at work if you work for someplace that keeps kosher or has some kind of flesh-detecting image blocker. Because there is a lot of flesh here. Original image (and a few others) is here.

The Bacon Bra

So, first off … I’m impressed. It takes guts to put yourself out there like that, tight crop or not. But … why isn’t the bacon cooked? I mean, if it was crispy, it would both be more supportive, and actually tasty … I’m not turned on at all by raw bacon. It’s kinda grossing me out, to be honest.

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