Bacon Week Begins!

Just in time for BLT season here in Portland, the BS Brewing crew will be bringing you all the sweet porky goodness you can handle beginning tomorrow. We’ll be sharing some new recipes for making your own homemade bacon based on our popular post, trying some bacon-based products, reviewing several varieties of bacon, indulging in some liquid bacon, and just generally celebrating the cured-pork lifestyle. It’s a week you won’t want to miss, unless you have high cholesterol or a fear of teated meat.

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BS Brewing Bacon Week Logo

The Bacon Week logo uses “Bring Home the Bacon” font created by something called “Font Nook.” The link for Font Nook seems to be expired, so if you’re the owner of this font, please let me know and I’ll credit you appropriately (and deliciously).

6 Responses to “Bacon Week Begins!”

  1. Joel Says:

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    Everything’s better with bacon.

    I can’t believe I forgot to send this to you.

    One of local radio stations tried it and said was actually very good, though they backed off their challenge to eat a whole can when they realized it was equal to 3 lbs of raw bacon.

  2. Dave Says:

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    Joel, that is an amazing product. I would totally get some to review, but I can’t see having a case of that. Where’s your local radio station? Maybe they’ll send me a can. Sounds like they have quite a bit left over!

  3. Chipper Dave Says:

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    I wonder if anyone has ever made a smoked beer with bacon flavoring? I had a smoked beer earlier last Spring that reminded me a bit of beef jerky. That got me to wonder if anyone has ever done a bacon flavored beer? Smoked would be a natural combo for that. It may sound funky but it could be good if done right.

  4. Joel Says:

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    WIIL in Kenosha, WI

    www dot 95wiilrock dot com

  5. Joel Says:

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    You can also order only one can for 10.95. Supposedly the canned butter is the best butter ever as well.

  6. Dave Says:

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    Joel, I ordered a can. Should be here on Friday. Holy crap.

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