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As I mentioned yesterday, I had intended to kickstart this week with a first dose of greasy goodness at one of my favorite breakfast joints, which I coyly kept secret. Until today.

Exterior of Voodoo Too. The fence keeps the deliciousness trapped inside.

Voodoo Doughnuts is a Portland legend on the same status level as bridges or beer. Anthony Bourdain visited it, and it seems a required stop for nearly every travel writer who visits the Rose City. I always take out of town guests there, as it is one of those institutions that could only ever exist here. The janitor wears a bra and panties as he cleans. Sexually suggestive pastry names are the norm: Triple Chocolate Penetration (chocolate doughnut, chocolate glaze, and cocoa-puffs), Butter Fingering (Devils food, vanilla, and crushed Butterfinger) and Cock-n-Balls (suggestively shaped, too) are cases in point. They used to make a pink Pepto-Bismol cake doughnut that the rumor mill would have us believe that the FDA put on hiatus.

Chalkboard Menu of Voodoo Too

They have not yet stopped the Maple Bacon Bar, though. I stopped on my way into work today and was able to procure four of these raised doughnuts, each topped with a maple frosting, which is then topped with two small slices of honest to god bacon. Not bad bacon, either.

Extreme Bacon Closeup

Co-worker Scott reviews it thusly: “An extraordinarily simple concoction: Take a maple bar, and top it with two slices of bacon. Bacon quality: Good. Just slightly overdone, not quite burnt. Maple bar quality: Excellent. The donut was soft and chewy, and the maple frosting was creamy. The bacon tended to slide in the frosting, forcing me to hold it down as I took a bite. The flavor combination was delicious, with the saltiness of the bacon acting as a counterpoint to overwhelming sweetness of the frosting. I would definitely eat this donut again.”

Scott Eating Bacon Doughnut

Chris says, “The thought of bacon on a maple bar sounded gross at first. Then I thought about how yummy bacon tastes when drenched in maple syrup at a greasy spoon cafe on a Sunday morning. The bacon was crispy and oh so good! I would definitely eat this again, but I’m already hearing the elliptical machine call out for me after eating my 1200 calories of happy gluttony!”

Anton, a self-professed “meatatarian” who also tried the bacon chocolate bar, thought “Throughout the experience it was the crunchiness that let me know I was eating something awesome. Since a large part of the doughnut is the actual doughnut, the crunchiness is the only awareness of the bacon. However, between slosh and bite, a pure bacon chomp would explode onto my tongue and the ecstasy would momentarily paralyze my brain.”

Mind control through bacon. I think we’re onto something here. Someone call the Pentagon.

2 thoughts on “Bacon Week: Bacon Doughnuts”

  1. I too have been paralyzed with the awesomeness of bacon. If fact, just today I started my morning with a trip to Pine State for their Reggie; a killer biscuit wrapped around a fried chicken breast, slices of bacon, and cheddar cheese, all smothered in sausage gravy. My heart hates me, but holy $h!t it was good.

    BTW – Thanks for mentioning the chocolate covered bacon treats, I think we’ve already sold a couple orders today because of the blog.

  2. Amazing! It’s my first time to see a doughnut with bacon toppings. I can’t imagine the taste of having the bacon matched with the sweetness of maple frosting but would love to try one though. :)

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