July 4th Tasting List

Whoops … the week got away from me. Here’s that list of beers from the July 4th Tasting of 2008. Are you a red state or a blue state?

Style Red State Offering Blue State Offering
Pilsener Bayern Pilsener, Missoula, MT Baron Pils, Seattle, WA
Lager Abita Amber, Abita Springs, LA Coney Island Lager, New York, NY
White Beer Blue Moon, Golden, CO Sam Adams White Ale, Boston, MA
Saison Saint Somewhere Saison, Tarpon Springs, FL Bison Farmhouse, Berkeley, CA
Pale Ale Laughing Dog Pale, Sandpoint, ID Fire Rock Pale Ale, Honolulu, HI
ESB Bitch Creek ESB, Victor, WY Organic ESB, Milwaukee, WI
IPA Alaskan IPA, Juneau, AK Hop Devil, Downington, PA
Red Ale Sockeye Red, Anchorage, AK Blood Stain Red, Portland, OR

2 thoughts on “July 4th Tasting List”

  1. 1. what were the results???

    2. where the hell does one acquire Blood Stain Red (i.e who brews it)?

    I’m betting the results are closer than one would think given your lineup.

    very interesting concept…will attempt some kind of similar event for my pals.

  2. 1. I should have collected all the participants’ ballots and tallied them up, but I went with a more democratic approach and had people score their own.
    2. Tricked ya! Blood Stain Red was my own homebrew … and a fair number of people voted for it! Hooray for deceit! Tasty, alcoholic deceit.

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