How to Make a Booze Sandwich

Courtesy of the incredibly imaginative people at CadaverBlender (via deadspin)

We’ve all been there, some sporting event or music festival featuring ridiculously long lines with a $6 cup of flat Budweiser waiting at the end and figured there has to be a better way to get a drink.

Well the guys over at CadaverBlender just got back from the infield of the Kentucky Derby where they came up with a great solution: the booze sandwich. While many places will let you bring in your own food, most frown upon bringing your own adult beverage, so the simple solution is make your booze look like a meal.

Here it is in a nutshell: Fill a 16 oz. water bottle with your booze of choice, hollow out a nice, appropriate sized French roll, insert bottle, add some lettuce, possibly some meat around the edge, wrap the sandwich in Saran Wrap and I bet not a single security guard in the country will hassle you at the bag check.

Here’s a couple photos (courtesy of CadaverBlender)
booze sammich

booze sammich2

Remember, please drink responsibly.

6 Responses to “How to Make a Booze Sandwich”

  1. Andy Says:

    Visit Andy

    One again, the engineer previals!

  2. Says:


    Hahahahah awesome.

    When we snuck booze into the Derby, we just taped plastic bags full of vodka to our legs under our pants.

    Worked great until each bag sprung a leak, making US look like we’d sprung a leak.

  3. ryan Says:

    Visit ryan

    This is awesome and practical!

    Once, on a bet, I made a beer sandwich by dissolving a few packets of gelatin into some beer, let it solidify, and then cut a thin slice of it, and slapped 2 pieces of bread on it.

    I nearly threw up.

    But the point is, this is an excellent idea! Certainly much better than mine.

  4. keith Says:

    Visit keith

    disclaimer, not a single engineer was involved in this project! Business students and Architects!

  5. jimcraig Says:

    Visit jimcraig

    F’in brilliant. I love your blog. I lived in Portland for 6 years before moving to Nashville in 2004 to be with my girlfriend.

    found your site while searching for a pic of a carboy to show a co-worker and found your post from 06 where you brewed at the river, genuis.

    how bout a hop update? how they doing so far? I am thinking of doing the same here, hops are so hard to come by in my neck of the woods.

  6. Andy Says:

    Visit Andy

    I meant as in “man’s unbridled desire to engineer solutions instead of adapting.” Adapting, you know – buying $9 mint juleps.

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