Belgium 08: This One’s For Bruce.

Sarah wasn’t feeling well last night, so I ventured out on my own to t’Brugs Beertje, easily the best bar I’ve been to in Bruges, and right up there on the all-time list. It is to Cambrinus what the Horse Brass is to Henry’s: tiny, dark, smoky and sociable. This one really deserves a longer writeup, but I will tempt you for now with my list from last night:

1. Rodenbach Grand Cru
2. Vichtevaar (by the makers of Duchesse and Echte Kriek)
3. 3 Fonteinen Oude Gueze
4. Hanssen’s Oude Gueze
5. Poperings Hommel Bier (draft)


3 thoughts on “Belgium 08: This One’s For Bruce.”

  1. Dave,

    If you have the opportunity head over to De Dolle Brouwers in Diksmuide. Diksmuide is not far from Brugges, or Roeselare (Rodenbach). Well, nothing in Belgium is far from anything eles in Belgium.

    De Dolle Brouwers is a small old-world brewery with very friendly and personable staff. If they aren’t open, knock on the door…they just might open for you.

    Enjoy, Mike

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