Belgium 08: Closed Wednesdays

After Westvleteren yesterday, Sarah and I attempted to visit several other beer sites near Poperinge, all of which were closed on Wednesday. The closures continued when we returned to Bruges in the evening, but we managed to find the excellent, and highly-recommended Cambrinus, whose beer menu was several inches thick and included more than 400 beers. Mine was the amazing Vin de Cereale from Rodenbach, vintage 2004. Sarah had Bourgogne de Flandres, which was sweeter and not quite as good as La Duchesse from the same style. Tour of De Halve Maan brewery this afternoon …

2 thoughts on “Belgium 08: Closed Wednesdays”

  1. Cambrinus is where Eryn and I had many beers with an Irish tour guide and his driver as well as ran into our hotel’s owner. That place has an amazing beer menu and is incredibly social, one of the finest beer establishments I’ve ever been to.

    Have you found dePub yet, which is more the Brugge eqivilent of a dive bar.

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