Beer Recipes for Thanksgiving

Beer makes anything taste better. And if you pour the beer into a recipe in a smart fashion, rather than drinking like a fish on an empty stomach (ahem, last year’s “Thanksgiving Miracle” of Dave’s wicked Bathtub Shampagne), you could have a stellar Thanksgiving menu.

A menu like the amazing Homebrew Chef.

Allow him to tempt you with dazzling ideas such as Beer Brined Turkey, stuffed with Duck Porcini Stuffing that has been braised in a Belgian Dubbel.

No? Of course, of course. You are a fan of the hops. Then perhaps you might be interested in Roasted Garlic IPA Mashed Potatoes drizzled with Doppelbock Wild Mushroom Gravy

Yeah, I drooled, too.

Of course, you’re naturally wondering, “What beer should I pair with that sumptuous meal?”

Samuel Adams (no, not that Sam Adams) will offer you some food pairing advice that’s a little slanted toward their brewery. Or you could get crazy with a trip to Belmont Station after reading Beer Advocate’s Thanksgiving Beer Pairings article.

Hope it’s not too late to bring some beer-themed recipes to your Thanksgiving!

Thanks, MeFi.

One thought on “Beer Recipes for Thanksgiving”

  1. Yes beer is good for cooking and to put into the recipe as well. I also sugest that you hold of on the beer when making Gumbo Recipes when your cooking the Roux. One drink to many or at the wrong time and the dark roux turns black and burnt. Nothing worse than burn roux.

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