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This year’s crop of backyard hops are coming in thick and green, cascading all over the pergola, even after suffering some unfortunate hail damage early in the spring. As harvest time draws near, though, I thought I’d ask you, dear reader, for some help with a problem I have. It is a bit like a math problem, but substitutes hops for trains leaving Chicago and Indianapolis.

Hops growing on my backyard pergola.

Three hop varieties were planted two years ago: Cascadia, Chinook, and Centennial. Unfortunately, all but one died that first year. The next year, I planted another variety, this time with another “Oregon” name: Mt. Hood, Cascade, or the like. Maybe even one of the vines I killed previously. Trouble is, I forgot to write down which was which or what was what. Can you help identify which varities I have growing, given the clues above, and the photo below?

The two hop varieties growing in my backyard.

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  1. Yea I just planted my first ones this year (Cascade, Centennial and Fuggles) and none of them are really doing all that well. I hear that’s par for the course though. As far as those pics go, I have no clue. Good luck though.

  2. I grow some cascade, nugget, willamette and mt.hood myself. I have found that the cascade and nugget produce the larger cones while the noble hybrids tend to give me smaller cones.

    My advice if you want to roll all your own hops without knowing the AA is to use the larger cones as bittering and take a average ball bark of the AA and use the smaller cones as the aroma.

    OR just use them all as flavoring/dry hop additions and either way it’ll be delicous.

    We should all do fresh hop home harvest beers and trade! :)

  3. You might be better comparing the leaves. I have an image with Cascade, Nugget and Saaz leaves and cones that I can send you. I forgot where I got it or I’d send you to the site.

  4. That’s a great idea, Ed. If you wouldn’t mind, send it to dave at BSBrewing dot com.

    Matt, we are thinking about a homebrew Oktoberfest sometime in September. I’ll let you know if we get anything planned out.

  5. I am growing Cascade and Chinook. Based on my limited experience I would say that A is Cascade. I think you can rule out Chinook. Here’s a picture of my Chinook hops. Note they are very distinctive and not like either of the two you have pictured.

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