Pun for Phun: BS Brewing T-Shirt Contest

Yes. We did it. We confirmed our commitment to blogging with the ultimate geek statement: custom-made t-shirts, modeled by yours truly. We even wear them in public. And so can you, courtesy of the Champagne of Blogs’ first contest. And there’s only one catch – details below.

How did BS Brewing afford Tom Cruise’s modeling services? And when did he gain 75 pounds?

Here’s how it works.

  1. Come up with a punny name for a homegrown-hop-laden IPA I brewed for Bruce and Eryn’s baby shower. Extra special bonus points for a beer that follows the B_______ S_______ naming formula. Emphasis on the punny: think Hopsickle, Hop Rod Rye, Hop Dreams, etc. And yes, I already thought of Baby Shit IPA (although, that’s a great name for a brown …)
  2. Add your beer name idea to the comment area below, making sure to include your real e-mail address (don’t worry, it won’t show up for spammers; it’s so I can contact you if you win). Multiple entries encouraged!
  3. Whichever one makes me chortle hardest before Saturday, July 21st at midnight PST WINS an official BS Brewing T-Shirt, touting the magical Bird Shit Stout (whose name comes from an extra-special aerially-administered ingredient that may or may not have occurred during our first outdoor brew).
  4. I’ll mail the winner his/her t-shirt first thing Monday the 23rd, which should get it to your door just in time for the Oregon Brewer’s Festival.

Oh, and that catch I mentioned earlier? I have only size XL. Apparently, I overestimated the girth of several of the BS Brewing crew and they took all the larges, leaving me with only XL’s. But hey, I figure a bunch of computer nerds who enjoy drinking beer and grilling are probably skewed more toward the XL end of the ol’ bell curve, right?

25 thoughts on “Pun for Phun: BS Brewing T-Shirt Contest”

  1. Nice tees! Hmmm, I had a tuff time between Butt Suck or Boob Sprite and came up with,

    “Bitter Suckle”

    BS Brewing’s Baby Shower Bitter Suckle IPA

  2. Here are a few:
    Red, White and Brew
    Amber Waves of Pain
    Bunny-Hop Brown
    IPA Yellow River

    And, following the BS formula:
    Bitch Slap Red
    Bertha-Sized Stout
    Bottle-Top Hop Scotch
    Bat Shitinsane IPA
    Biggy Smalls 40 ouncer

  3. Hey, I didn’t see a disclaimer saying employees of BS Brewing were exempt so you might as well start making the label and give me the shirt on Sunday.

    Bad Ship Lolli-Hop

  4. I saw one of you guys wearing a tee at PIB. It was across the park, but the logo is indelible. I said to the group I was with, “Whoa, I think I just saw a beer blogger.” We’re a rare species, but less so at beer fests.

  5. That was probably Andrew. Of course, you too could wear a BS Brewing t-shirt if you came up with an awesome name for my hoppy IPA. Just saying …

  6. The funny part is we have to coordinate before going to beer fests now. One shirt is cool, two or more and we’re bigger beer geeks than we already are.

  7. Belly Stretcher Hop-A-Size IPA
    BurpenSpittle DipePA
    IPAdural Hazy-Hopped IPA
    Baby’s First Hops
    Brave Swimmer FertilIPAtion Ale

    Make womb for beer!!!

  8. Ok…..do I get bonus points for being drunk while writing these?

    Better than breast milk Suds

    Barley noticed the Soiled diapers

    Bust some heads Swill

    Barley Soda

    Big Slut

    All mommy wanted was a Backrub Suds

    Britney Spears Southern Swill (I can’t believe no one thought of that one yet)

    The Bunny died Suds

    Badass Scratch

    Brewed Shag Ass

    Bout to Score

    Big Screw

    Bout ot be Screwed


    Safer than Meth

    9 months of pure love

    I tore mommy a new one

    I enjoy a good spanking

    Are you my daddy?

  9. Mom’s contribution (I could use an X-Lg shirt):

    Boob slave IPA
    (or slight variation) Boob sucker IPA
    Baby smile hop heavy pale ale
    Breastfeeding Soother or
    Breastfeeding Sustenance (I plan to drink one soon!)
    Bruce’s Sunshine (ahhh)
    Bruce’s Sperm love hops

    Todd’s got some really good ones-brave swimmer is my fav. And for some reason, Thom’s Bruce’s soft-spot really kills me.

    P.S. I can even laugh about Big Slut IPA. Be careful, Mom reads this blog too!

  10. I just saw this today. What a great idea for a contest. I don’t know if my contributions compare to those already submitted, but here is a quick list of of options.

    – [ ] Breast Substitute IPA
    – [ ] Breast Subversion IPA
    – [ ] Breast Swelling IPA
    – [ ] Bottle Snatcher IPA
    – [ ] Beware Stumbling on Legos Barefoot IPA
    – [ ] Beyond Self-Help IPA
    – [ ] Baby’s Sleepless Nights Remedy IPA
    – [ ] Better than a Six-Pack IPA
    – [ ] new Babies means less Sex IPA
    – [ ] Bye-Bye Sex IPA
    – [ ] Better than Sex (that you won’t be having anymore) IPA
    – [ ] Bitterly Sanguine IPA
    – [ ] Bitter Sweet IPA
    – [ ] Babies eat your Soul IPA
    – [ ] Hoppy Birthday Swill
    – [ ] Bitter Baby Daddy Swill
    – [ ] Bitter Semen IPA
    – [ ] Bruce and Eryn’s Saving Grace IPA
    – [ ] Bruce and Eryn’s Sperm Surprise IPA
    – [ ] Bleary Eyed and Sleepless IPA
    – [ ] Hop Art IPA
    – [ ] Hop Water Bottle IPA
    – [ ] Hoppily Ever After IPA
    – [ ] Hop Mama IPA

  11. A few quick ones. . .
    Bruce’s Seed IPA
    Bastard Son IPA
    IPAin’t Gettin’ Any
    Bed Sheet Stout
    Baby’s Sleepin’
    Baby Sitter Swill
    Birth Slit Hit
    Birth Slot Hop
    Birth Slop Hop
    and my favorite. .

    Back Side of A Blonde

  12. Buddie’s Little Sister IPA…Too Tempting!
    Bassackward Southern IPA…Ain’t Nuthin’ Wrong Wit It!
    Bitter, Supersized! Double Dry Hopped IPA
    Boot Square In the Nuts IPA
    Best Friend’s Sister IPA…in case you don’t like ‘Buddy’
    Beach Sex IPA…It Chafes!
    Ball Sweat IPA….Best Served Warm!

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