Portland International Beerfest List of Awesomeness

Hooboy. The Portland International Beerfest list of Honor and Beerifficness kinda did me in. I’m really not in drinking shape. I need to train more. Do some pint curls. Stein press. Keg squat. Because today, I’m really sore. Especially in the head.

But to the story! And the list! Andrew, Dan, Bruce, Dave, Nate, myself and assorted BS Brewing hangers-on (Sarah, Ryan, Blu, Eryn) tasted our way around the world last night in the North Park Blocks.

Portland International Beerfest List
(By number)

12: Zoetzuur, Flanders Red. Via Nate, I believe. Sweet and tart. Very nice. Like a fizzy, salty candy.

37: Cascade Temptor, Triple. Possibly Nate, maybe Bruce. Nice. Sweet. Thick. Tasty. Our pregnant taste-tester didn’t appreciate the Belgian yeast.

40: Great Divide Hercules, Double IPA: Via Dan, I believe. Great hoppy nose. Delicious. “Like cologne for brewers,” Dan said.

56: Walking Man Mystery #1. Via Bruce and Thom. “A very accessible IPA.”

65: He’Brew Genesis, Pale Ale. Via Bruce. Good middle of the road pale. Nice hop character, bitter and floral. But not a stand out. Especially at the Portland International Beerfest.

73: Thiriez Blonde, Belgian Blonde. Via Thom, who sampled all the French beers in honor of the Tour de France. This was the No. 2 franco-offering, with a sweet finish and nice big body. Just like Fabian Cancellara in Stage 3.

74: St. Sylvestre Gavroche Strong Ale, French Red Ale. Via Thom. French Strong Ale is weak. Though very drinkable at 8 percent, you could find yourself sprawled out on the tarmac if you put too many of these away.

75: Jenlain Blonde, Biere de Garde. Via Thom. Hmm. Nothing written down. Must’ve made quite the impression, the same way Jan Ulrich made on the Tour.

76: Jenlain Biere de Mars, Hoppy Biere de Mars. Via Thom. Very subtle and drinkable. With a 30 IBU rating, I’m not sure I’d call it hoppy. But… very drinkable. Great for a hot day chasing the peleton.

79: La Choulette Framboise, Non-lambic Fruit (Raspberry). Via Thom. Finished like a berry syrup, but never overly sweet. Jammy nose. A beer that’s easy going, lets you catch your breath and rest your legs. Kinda like a flat-stage between the mountains.

92: Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast Stout, Imperial Stout. Via Thom. “Does that say ‘breakfast stout’? I’m so there.”

96: Haand Bryggeri Norwegian Wood, Traditional Norse Moonshine Beer. Via Thom. Smoky deliciousness. Three thumbs up from Thom, Dave and Bruce. Definitely one of my favorites.

101: Orval Trappist, Trappist. Via Thom. The oldest beer around, from 1132. As Bruce (or someone) said, “Well, they’ve had some time to get it right.” Nice, nice, nice beer. Crisp with a little challenge. Probably my favorite beer for the combination of all-day drinkability and flavor. If I ever go watch Tom Boonen win the Tour of Flanders, this is what I’m drinking.

109: Pinkus Organic Munster Alt, Organic Altbier. Via Thom. Great altbier character, very refreshing.

123: De Dolle Stille Nacht 2006, Belgian Strong Pale. Via Andrew. “Twelve Percent!” Andrew gushes! “How is it?” I ask. “Eh,” shrugs Andrew.

127: Hanssens Oubeitje, Strawberry Lambic. Via Bruce. Flat (WTF?), but crisp and not overly sweet. We decided it’s pronounced “you bite ye.” Though at 5 percent, it really won’t.

There were several others on the Portland International Beerfest List of Killerness and Fantasticability, but my pen was dropped by the peleton and nothing else was written down. But it’s going on through Sunday, July 15, so ride on over.

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