He’Brew Coming to the Concordia Ale House

Met quite a few friends for some pre-Independence Day beer and food at the Concordia Ale House. As usual, the food was great and the beer selection was impressive. I started the evening with a a Messiah Bold from He’Brew. This is a really well balanced and full bodied beer and a great way to start the evening without blowing out my tastebuds on some of the highly hopped beers I knew I’d be pursuing later.
He Brew

Here’s the great news, after ordering, the bartender told me the guys from He’Brew are going to be at Concordia next Thursday, July 12 at 6 p.m. for a meet the brewer event prior to the International Beer Fest. And they’ll be bringing a keg of the Messiah Bold with them. I’m sure the BS Brewing guys will be there as well, so stop in and check out some well-made He’Brew beer and meet the guys who made it.

Anyways, here was the real reason I went to Concordia…. I can’t get enough of Moylan’s Hopsickle. This is always one amazing beer. It’s incredibly drinkable and tasty while being 9.2% and extremely hop forward.

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  1. I just tried a couple of He’Brew beers for the first time a couple of weeks ago — the Messiah Bold and the Genesis Ale. Both were smooth-drinking beers and fun beers to try — along with St. Bridget’s IPA, Broken Halo IPA, The Immortal IPA, The Reverend Belgian Quadrupel Ale and Victory HopDevil — for an evening with friends from church.

  2. The Lenny’s R.I.P.A. is also not to be missed, particularly if you are a fan of IPA’s. It’s one of my favorites, very malty with plenty of hops – really the epitome of well-balanced, though the rye addition kicks it out of the true IPA category.

    I attended the launch of R.I.P.A. at Tornado in San Fran awhile back and the brewers gave away a pint glass with the first He’Brew beer ordered – hopefully they’ll bring some along to Concordia!

    Steve – that tasting sounds like an awesome theme!

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