Beer, Pigs and Incredibly Unsafe Rides


Who doesn’t love a good fair? I know Dave does.

Anyways, for those that enjoy a little competition as much as a good beer, the Oregon State Fair has opened it’s homebrew competition for 2007. Entries must be received by July 27, so if you don’t have your favorite beer in some 12 oz. bottles, you better get moving. Entries will be judged on August 11, so there will be time for a little conditioning in the bottle.

Click here for all the info and entry form: State Fair Homebrew Competition

Two more fair things: First, that leprechaun above looks drunk and ready to fight, that should really bring ’em in. Second, this year’s slogan is “It’s like a magical enchanted land. Only real.” I bet that’s exactly how Heart feels as they play “Barracuda” for the 354,749th time. Or how you’ll feel when you hear the magical phrase “Ladies and gentleman…. Daughtry.”

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