Beer Contest Concludes: Thanks for Playing.

What a tremendous response to the naming contest – I think we may just have to repeat this it was so much fun. I was laughing all the way til midnight with the late breaking entries. I especially appreciated ASG’s “Ball Sweat IPA,” since it also included a tagline: Best Served Warm. Gross, and hilarious. Erik Dahl’s creativity knows no bounds, as he submitted ~25 entries, making him by far the most prolific entrant. Better still, they were all pretty damn good, like this gem, “Bottle Snatcher IPA,” and “Hoppy Birthday Swill.” Mom weighed in with “Boob Sucker IPA.” We even had a label/name/tagline combo submitted by the overachieving Jim Coudal, “Barley Slut IPA,” which came with the image below, and the tagline “Goes Down Easy.”

Jim Coudal’s “Barley Slut” goes down easy.

So awesome. And so many good choices. I’m going to keg the beer this morning and see what jumps out when I taste it. Stay tuned for the big announcement.

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