A Visit to Hanafin’s Irish Pub

I found myself in charming New London, CT for a week so I searched out the local watering holes and came across Hanafin’s Irish Pub.  

Its a smaller bar that’s somewhat like a merge between the Horse Brass and Moon & Sixpence in Portland, Oregon. New London is a small town, just off the water’s edge on the East Coast. The town’s large military submarine manufacturing plant looms in the distance – I suspect they’ve seen better days. 

Hanafin’s featured IPA was the Redhook Long Hammer, a welcome refreshment in a land of clear beers.

The bar had the obligatory dart boards in the back but their choice in cooler was the most interesting part. I suspect the place might have been a bank back in the olden days. The photo below shows the bank vault – just off to the side of the bar. Where else would you want to keep your beer safe?

The Bar Keeps
Big Beers
The Beer Cooler 


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