Back to the Farm

No, I'm not going back to the Iowa State Fair. But I bet this guy's attire is a lot cheaper than renting a tux.

I’m going to be traveling a lot in March and April, so I thought I’d brew up another batch before I go. Since the majority of my travel is back to the Midwest for weddings (Iowa and Minnesota), it seemed appropriate I brew a Farmhouse-style ale, also known as Saison. I browsed the internets in search of a recipe, and stumbled upon this one, which seems almost a little too serendipitous: “Bridget’s (Love Potion) Saison,” apparently named for Brigitte Bardot. With the “B___ S____” name already in place and secondary love theme, I think it’s only appropriate I take some of this “love potion” with me to the weddings. Hopefully the Trappist yeast will work its magic quickly.

Ingredients I used as follows:

8 oz. Belgian Caravienne Malted Barley
4. oz. Belgian Aromatic Malted Barley
6 lbs. Light DME
1.5 oz. Domestic Golding (boiling)
1 tsp. Irish Moss
1 lb. Candi Sugar
1 oz. Domestic Sterling/Saaz (aroma)
1 oz. Domestic Sterling/Saaz (finishing)
.5 oz. Dried Curacao Orange Peel
1 oz. Coriander Seeds
Wyeast 3797 Trappist Ale Smack Pack

O.G.: 1.064 @ 72 degrees F.

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