Start 2007 with a New Hobby

Bruce Scores a 180

The New Year is a time of year that many people make resolutions. Quit smoking. Eat healthy. Brew more often.

If you’re like me, you probably have also resolved to lose a few pounds, and many in your position would head straight for the Stairmaster. But, as a sociable beer drinker, you’re driven more toward team sports, preferably those that involve beer. Have we got an exercise regimen for you.

Darts is a great way to meet cool people, and give your arm a good workout. It may seem that throwing some lightweight metal sticks for a few hours isn’t exactly weightlifting, but it is.

Consider this: 3 very lightweight darts weigh 21 grams each, which works out to 63 grams per turn. Considering most players take 15 turns in a single game, you’re now looking at almost 1 kg per game. And most players play upwards of 15 games in a night! That’s 15 kg weight lifted per night! Just imagine how much that would be in pounds! And we haven’t even figured in the weight of the pints! To those who’d further question the athletic-ness-icity of darts, just witness the skyrocketing popularity of the World Series of Darts on ESPN next time you’re channel-surfing.

Convinced? The Portland Area Darts Association (PADA, for short, not to be confused with the Portland Art Dealers Association) is holding Spring League signups on Janaury 11th, 7pm at the Moon & Sixpence. See you there!

Piranha Razor Grip

Need some darts to play with? Piranha Razor-Grip Tungsten Darts are taking the Fart Duckers by storm. So far, Nate, Dan and Dave have all made the switch to these 90% tungsten darts, with their innovative razor-sharp grip (see photo). If none of this means anything to you, consider this: a good set of golf clubs can cost 2,000 bucks. These babies have all the innovative technology of a Taylor-made, at a fraction of the cost. $60.00. Available at Soft Tipper Darts, 6350 SE Foster Rd, Portland, OR 97206, (503) 771-0735.

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