Punch. Drunk. Love.

Drinking Furious Beer from Surly Brewing while Watching UFC 66

Wherein the author drinks two cans of Surly Beer while watching the Ultimate Fighting Championship with Andrew and Dan.

This is just weird. Craft beer in a can? Craft beer from Minnesota? Craft beer in a can?

It’s starting. Elbow shot to the back of the head. That had to hurt. Guess we’re rolling. No lameass musical parade for the UFC. And that’s how it should be. Damn right.

Bitter. Too cold. Too cold? Beer in a can too cold? Shocker. I did just pull it from the fridge.

Boom! Thigh kick. That Orlovski is one scary dude. I wonder when he started wearing those scary teeth? I wonder if he wears them on dates? I think I might be more scared of his old Russian trainer, though. Looks KGB or something. Minsk. Shit. That’s tough. Minsk tough.

Squeezing the beer to hard. It’s all dented up from the adrenal death grip I have unconsciously applied to it. Maybe that’s why it’s called Bender. On the plus side, I don’t have a handful of broken glass. Oh, and it’s warming up. Better.

Wow, Schafer is receiving an ass-kicking. Done. Just like that. That was fast.

That went down pretty easy. I can taste the alcohol, and the burnt, bitter taste is a nice complement to the battery acid flavors in the back of my throat. This is a seriously bloody sport.

Time for the “Furious.” Holy crap. I feel like I just got hop-punched. 99 IBU beer in a can? That’s insane. Insanely good. Wow.

Holy shit. Jardine just applied like 15 punches directly to Griffin’s skull. Whatever he’s paid, it’s not enough.

It is crazy to drink beer like this from a can. Each time the opening touches my lips, I brace myself for something disgustingly bland and icy cold. But this is good. Really good. I would drink this all the time. And pretty strong, too, with the 6.2 %. But why in god’s name is it in a can?! I can taste tin, and I feel like a goddamn hobo.

A punchy hobo.

Put this IPA in 22 oz. bottles and send it my way stat. Or else.

4 thoughts on “Punch. Drunk. Love.”

  1. Do you drink beer from 22 ounce bottles directly from the bottle? I would assume that you probably pour the liquid into a glass. Pouring a canned beer directly into a glass will leave you with beer that has no metallic flavor due to the special lining inside of the can.

    The only way you can get the flavor or taste of aluminum is by licking or putting your tongue onto the can as you are drinking. I think craft beer in cans is a great idea and personally I hope to see a lot more. Oskar Blues, 21st Amendment and Sly Fox are three other breweries who are making great beer in a can and I hope to one day have some of their beers available in my market so I can choose to purchase quality beer in cans at my local beer store.

  2. I’m not sure about your friends, but when I go to someone’s house to watch a fist/kick/elbow/knee fight, I don’t generally ask for a glass. Or use the world “generally.” I might get my ass kicked.

    But you’re right, I do generally use a glass for beer. When I checked out the Surly web site, though, they really highlight the portability of the medium for camping, hiking, frisbee, etc. So I reviewed the beer in situ. If I had some more, I’d probably use a glass for a better tasting experience. Dan had the Furious on tap over the holidays, and said it was really good.

    Surprisingly, though – while I did taste metal while drinking from the can, it wasn’t a lot. The lining does work.

  3. Caldera cans their pale ale, and it’s fantastic. I think we were conditioned to think that the metal made industrial beer taste like tin–but it was the beer. I did a blind tasting of pale ales, and Caldera was one of the faves–it was the only canned beer, and no one had the slightest clue.

    Good beer + can = good beer
    bad beer + can = bad beer

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