Gift Ideas for the Beer and Meat Lover

Well, it had to happen. Around November, it starts. By early December, even High Times has released their gift guide. So thank us for our restraint in waiting this long. But if you’re like us, gift procrastinators, then you’ll appreciate … BS Brewing’s Gift Guide for 2006, as only BS Brewing could do:


Maureen Ogle's Ambitious Brew
  1. Deluxe Homebrewing Kit, $125.00.
    If your beer lover isn’t homebrewing, there is something seriously wrong. Maybe it’s you. Act quick, and get them into the beer-making business, that is, unless you want your relationship to head south. Jimmy Carter made it legal, there’s really no excuse not to.
    Available at: Let’s Brew. 8235 SE Stark St
    Portland, Oregon 97216, (503) 256-0205
  2. Handblown 2-Liter Beer Boot, $48.00.
    The drinking accessory made infamous in Beerfest, The Movie, it’s also a great conversation piece and probably the most serious piece of lager-related hardware known to man. Like bringing a gun to a knife-fight, this one will earn the gifted respect, acclaim, and a terrific hangover.
    Available at: Straubs’.
  3. Ambitious Brew: The Story of American Beer by Maureen Ogle $16.00. Bruce and Dave have both been reading this recently, and can highly recommend it. A ton of information is contained in this highly readable book, from the real story of adjuncts in American-style Pilseners, to Sam Adams’ inauspicious beginnings. Chock full of the kind of trivia only a few beers can bring forth.
    Available at:

GIFTS FOR THE MEAT LOVER or A Very Weber Christmas

  1. Weber Smoker

    Weber Smoker, $200.00.
    When you absolutely, positively want to cook a turkey in the slowest, most delicious way possible, a smoker is the only way to go. Feminine fans of the Weber charcoal grill will appreciate the way this upright smoker complements the dome-like silhouette of the original (and best) charcoal grill on the market today. Dudes will really like tossing back a 12-pack while they “tend the fire” over the course of a 12-hour smoking session. Either way, this beast produces delicious meat products. Dave has used his for a veritable Noah’s Ark of animal parts: whole turkeys, turkey legs, turkey breasts, whole chickens, chicken breasts, chicken wings, chicken legs, whole picnic hams, pork ribs, pork roasts, hamburgers … Christmas will have his Weber introduced to a whole duck. Bruce plans on making (see below) and smoking his own sausages. Stay tuned.
    Available at:

  2. Grizzly H6252 5 lb. vertical sausage stuffer, $59.95 – Bruce has this on his Christmas list and eagerly awaits making his own sausage.  Last year he got the Kitchen Aid sausage stuffer attachment for the stand mixer and it was a disaster, not well suited for the job at all.  Based on reviews and a similar design to models seen behind the butcher counter, the Grizzly looks like a great addition to the meat lover’s kitchen.  Available at:
  3. Remote Digital Thermometer, $25.00
    There is no more excuse for burnt meat after purchasing this gadget. Here’s how it works. Stab your meat with the probe thingy. Plug the probe thingy into the display thingy and turn it on. Turn on the remote thingy. Open a beer and walk away from the meat, carrying the remote thingy with you at all times. Prop feet and drink. The display thingy will monitor the temperature via the probe, and send your remote thingy regular temperature updates. When the meat is done, the remote will beep. Remove the meat to rest, and open another beer. Easy and delicious.
    Available at:
  4. Weber Charcoal Chimney, $12. So you’ve got a Weber. Awesome. Congratulations. But your food tastes like lighter fluid? The charcoal chimney is going to fill a charcoal chimney-sized void in your BBQ life. Simply crumple 2 sheets of newspaper and stuff them in the bottom of this tube. Fill the top of the tube with Kingsford charcoal. (Do NOT use store brand stuff. Trust me when I tell you Kingsford is the only way to go.) Light the newspaper from the bottom. 10-15 minutes later you’ll have glowing, ash-covered coals at the peak of readiness. No lighter fluid odor, no singed eyebrows.
    Available at:


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