Why I Love Lagunitas

Last week while having lunch at Oaks Bottom Public House (a personal favorite) I enjoyed a delicious pint of Freak Out! from Lagunitas Brewing. It’s a nicely hopped pale ale (or so I thought) and I enjoyed it so much I dropped a line to the good folks at the brewery in Petaluma, CA asking them a little more about the beer.

Needless to say, the response was awesome. I’ve always loved their beers, they’re consistently flavorful no matter what style they’ve brewed, and it’s great to know their attitude is just as good as their beer. So, where can I get a job where my title is Warlord and does anyone have a recipe for a Uzbekki Raga Ale?

Here’s the response:

Thanks for the cool words Brother Kehe!

The Freak Out! is just an non-categorically-intended ale… Maybe it could be called an ‘American Imperial Light Ale’… or possibly an ‘Uzbekki Raga Ale’… or maybe just ‘Itself’… I don’t know… just glad you like it. We’ll make more.. next Zappa album will be up early next year… “Absolutely Free Ale” The strange flavor comes from a blend of two really incompatible hop strains… one of ’em was the new hop; Summit.

If you’re ever in Petaluma, I hope you’ll stop by and I buy the first hundred rounds or so… Later.

Tony Magee
Lagunitas Brewing Co
Petaluma and the World


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