Mouthful of Metolius Is in the Bottle

Well, in keeping with the original theme, we probably should have done this at the summit of Black Butte, but it turned out to be a little more convenient to bottle Mouthful of Metolius in my kitchen. Thom and Amanda came over to help bottle. I’m not going to even begin to try to describe what this tastes like (tongue having just been blasted by Deschutes Anniversary Pilsener), but instead let Thom’s expression tell the tale in 1000 words or less.

Thom Siphoning Wort

Original Gravity: 1.054 @ 72 degrees F
Final Gravity: 1.018 @ 70 degrees F
ABV: 4.76%

One thought on “Mouthful of Metolius Is in the Bottle”

  1. You know, I think I wasn’t even drunk, yet my noggin looks enormous. Weird.

    Dave’s menu that night? Squash soup, bread, and grapes. Some people might say that’s an odd combination, but those people are sober.

    The Zappa brew Dave had in the fridge was surprisingly good. The hop esthers stormed off the nose — I was prepared to nibble slowly at that beer since I’m not a hop-head. But it was quite drinkable. Nice choice, Dave!

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