Fresh Hop Festival No. 1

is tomorrow in Hood River, at the 2nd annual Hood River Hops Fest. Admission to the event is free, and it looks like an all-star cast of Oregon Breweries will be participating. Phil was kind enough to let me sample the Ninkasi Fresh Hop and Walking Man Hoptoberfest last night at the Horse Brass. The Walking Man was the better of the two, I think, but neither was quite hoppy (or floral) enough for my tastes. Still, looks like a lot of fun. There is about a 10% chance I’ll be there tomorrow.

This should not be confused with the Lucky Lab/Oregon Brewer’s Guild Hop Tasting taking place next weekend.

In other Horse Brass news, last night they were pouring two different vintages of Jubel Ale: the just-released 2006 and an archival keg of 2005. The extra year in the keg was beneficial for the Jubel, bringing out some complex flavors that complemented the maltiness this brew traditionally has. Alcohol was a little bit too present, but it was darts night, so I didn’t care too much. The 2006 was quite a bit crisper and sharper around the edges, but also a nice treat. Is it just me or do these beers come out a little earlier every year?

As a final bit of Horse Brassery, the HB-sponsored Fart Duckers remain undefeated in the PADA’s B-League. We went 3-0 despite this unfortunately-placed Robin Hood by Dan Painter. Bruce Kehe put up the first 180 of the season, too!

Dan Painter\'s Robin Hood Dart

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