Quick Review – Oaks Bottom Public House

Oaks Bottom Public House is exactly the kind of pub I would open if I had tons of money. Tucked away in Westmoreland/Sellwood, Oaks Bottom is located at 1621 SE Bybee Blvd.

There isn’t a single thing I would recommend changing. First, they feature a constant supply of New Old Lompoc brews including some of my favorites like Proletariat Red, Centennial and LSD, but going above and beyond the assortment you can find at The Hedge House, 5th Quadrant and the New Old Lompoc, Oaks Bottom also features a good supply of rotating guests taps. I’ve enjoyed Caldera Dry Hop Red and Hair of the Dog’s Blue Dot there and some others that escape me right now. While the guests taps rotate in and out faster than the occasionally printed tap menu, the chalk board in the corner by the bar lets you know what’s fresh and available.

In addition to the great beer, the food is equally amazing. Oaks Bottom is easily my favorite place in Portland to get a burger. The meat is tasty and juicy and the bun and condiments are always fresh. The basic burger rocks, but the Hot Damn burger with jalapenos, pepper jack cheese and hot sauce is a close second. In addition to the great burgers they have an excellent assortment sandwiches including a Ruben, an Italian Beef and a pork Tenderloin that are all delicious. Even better, they feature daily specials which most day includes a beef brisket or pulled pork sandwich, both of which are smokey delicious and come with excellent sauces on the side. Here’s the best part, just about everything comes with the option of fries or tots…. I have no idea what the fries taste like because I’m pretty sure if you order fries when tots are available, you’re a communist.

Speaking of tots, Oaks Bottom has probably the single greatest snack food/appetizer ever invented…. TOTCHOS! That right, all the tasty toppings of nachos on a bed of crisp, golden brown tater tots. And if that’s not enough, for an extra buck they’ll cover it in chili. Simply, simply amazing.

Looking forward to the cooler weather when I can start checking out the stouts and porters on the menu as well as the daily soup specials, Friday is clam chowder and it smells great. Also, I’ve been planning on stopping in for a Sunday brunch, they have a $2 bloody marys and $4 super special mary that sound great, and I hate bloody marys. I also hear that at some point they’ll be opening up a deck or patio behind the property.

What can I say, Oaks Bottom… perfectly done.

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  1. Did they pay you for this write up? Come on does the bartender have comprimising photos of you? Jeez…

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