Fart Duckers Team Shirts

Here’s the new, cleaned up Fart Duckers logo I have been working on for … mmm … the last 3 years. Better late than never, right? I still need to add “Portland, Oregon” and the “Taste the Wind” phrase to it, and then I’ll call it done.

Fart Duckers Logo

Here’s how the logo looks on the “Black and White Classic” bowling shirt from BowlingShirt.com, a PADA sponsor. The shirts are $37.95 each and stitching can be added above the pocket for an additional 4.95. I think this could be an option on a person-by-person basis; if you want your name on there, it’s $5 extra.

Fart Duckers Logo on Black and White Classic Bowling Shirt from BowlingShirt.com

Here’s another option from the same company, the “White and Black Retro” bowler. This is also $37.95 and can also be customized with your name embroidered if you so desire.

Fart Duckers Logo on Black and White Retro Bowling Shirt from BowlingShirt.com

As a final option, we could also go with simple black t-shirts, which are much cheaper (about $14 each), but I want to hear what the rest of the team thinks. Also, please e-mail me with your size. They have Small all the way through XXXXXXL. I am not joking.

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  1. Ally Says:

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    I’ve already put my vote in for the bowling shirts. I think I like the solid black (slimming). Can we get personalized flights?!

  2. Descending Ashtray » A Clean Shop is a Happy Shop Says:

    Visit Descending Ashtray » A Clean Shop is a Happy Shop

    […] Every workshop needs a dart board, and mine does more than most, being unofficial headquarters for the Fart Duckers. I have a strict rule against alcohol and power tools, so these kegs are a bit of an aberration. Long story short, they are leftovers from my friend Bruce’s wedding. There’s another keg in the beer fridge, which gets used at backyard parties, mostly. To the left of the kegs is my newest toy, the big 18″ Jet bandsaw. It’s really overkill for my current skills, but the old one I had wasn’t cutting it (and by “it,” I mean almost anything) anymore. In the foreground is one of many Craigslist Tool purchases, an old 6″ Powr-Kraft jointer, which still works beautifully (and includes a 1HP motor someone before me added!) almost 60 years after its production. […]

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