A Good Night for Beer

Well, the sweet taste of victory still lingers after a successful night at the Brass. We’re not the worst anymore, but I can also say we’re not the best.

Chimay RedChimay Blue

Maybe it was the 23 points we gained, but it was just an exceptional night at the bar last night. Dogfish Head’s 60-minute IPA was on tap, which I had never seen before. I believe it tastes better in pints, particularly as it warms up a little. Such a great herbal aroma on that beer. I had four.

The best part of the evening, better than the IPA, better than the darts – Sheepdog guy. More than a year ago, I spent another night at the Brass, probably throwing darts, definitely drinking too much, and I ended up in the Ranger’s Corner area sometime late-ish. I began talking with Sheepdog guy, whose name I never got, and he mentioned he was heading to Iraq the next day, just getting a last HB night in before shipping out to drive for Halliburton. Before I knew it, he’d ordered a Chimay Blue and shared it with me. We polished off the bottle and I wished him good luck as I stumbled out to the car where Sarah was waiting.

Fast forward to present-day. Last night, Andrew spotted Sheepdog guy, back safe and sound. I bought him a bottle of Chimay (Red, they were out of blue) and reminded him of that night a year ago. Well, Andrew reminded me, and I reminded him. I think we all remembered. A very beer moment – not something easily done with a bottle of wine or whiskey (and hope to wake up).

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